Terms of Use

There are a few things to know before you use the FutureOps IRC. This will let you know what to expect when you submit a repair order.

Important Notes:

  • You are responsible for shipping to our facility, and the cost to return the unit.
  • International duties and/or tariffs may apply-though FutureOps IRC makes every effort to include documentation for repaired items duty-free-applicable to many countries.
  • Warranty period begins the day we ship your repaired item back.
  • Customer responsible for shipment even when under warranty.
  • Warranty is extended and provided only by FutureOps IRC. Any modifications, work done by, or for, another entity, not duly authorized to represent FutureOps makes the warranty immediately Null and Void.


You are responsible for the shipment to our facility and the cost to return the unit(s).

When you place an order with FutureOps IRC, you will be sent via email with instructions where to send your item(s) for repair. This address will most likely be our lab in Laguna Hills, CA. You are responsible for the costs to ship the units to us. We recommend providing us tracking, but that is optional. You have a maximum of 3 business days to ship the units or your order may be canceled.

Once we have completed the repair, which normally takes 1-3 business days (depending on the type of repair), we will notify you, prepare your unit for shipment, and the cost. We will bill you the cost of shipping back to the unit(s) origin. Please note that if the unit is irreparable, we will promptly notify you, and provide you with alternatives, but you still are responsible for the costs of shipping.




The FutureOps Irrigation Repair Center in a wholly owned subsidiary of the Branif Systems Corporation.  Our Privacy Policy and Data Sharing Policy is available by clicking here .

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Customers outside of the U.S.A

If you are sending an item from outside the U.S.A, you could have to pay import duties. Some countries offer duty-free entry for items that have been re-imported due to repairs For some countries, the value of equipment is not imposed duty regardless, as the value of the units is too low. We will include the necessary documents to make it clear that the unit(s) has been exported for repair, the value of the repair, and the appraised value of the unit before and after the repair. Countries that currently allow duty free re-import for repairs. Contact Us for more information.

Usually Duty will not apply.
We will provide supporting documents with your repair.
Duty is not imposed on importing to the U.S for most origins

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